My Bike Kit So Far

So this is my gear so far. It’s not much but at least it is getting me on the trails.

The helmet is a Giro Revel I picked up at B&P Cycle. It is very comfortable and I barely notice I have it on. The adjustment strap at the back is very easy to use. The straps are soft right out of the box, and I have noticed no rubbing with any of the buckles.

I got the Mechanix gloves at Marks after reading they were a good substitute for much higher priced gloves they sell at bike shops. Thanks Reddit (r/mtb if anyone wants to know more). They were very comfy and gripped well. They weren’t too warm which is good.  I got the Magnum lock at MEC and so far it is doing its job.

The Allen keys, I have no idea where they came from. I really need to get me a multitool though.

I was also wearing a cheap back pack from Superstore that can fold in to itself. It did the job but I think I may start hunting for a hydration pack.

So that’s the kit. There is still lots more I want/need like a multitool, spare tube, tire levers, hydration pack and a good pair of riding shorts and a nice jersey. Time to start saving!

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