Fish Creek Park & Crashes!

Fish Creek trail daySo today was a big ride. I decided to start my ride from Lakeview at around 2 in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day. I would ride south through Glenmore Park and the Weaselhead down to the west end of Fish Creek Park.

The ride to Fish Creek took a little longer than I thought it would, mostly because I decided to ride on a grown over vehicle trail for most of the way, slowing my speed and tiring me out a bit.

I finally made it down to Fish Creek though. I stopped to take a look at the trail map, which unfortunately was not color coded for trail difficulty. I looked it up on my phone but had a tough time navigating once I put the phone away.

At the first trail sign I saw I ducked in to the woods. Man that was a bit of a mistake. The picture above does the trails I rode no justice. They were very very technical, with lots of large descents and climbs on root and rock covered hills.

I managed to tough my way through them and found myself back on the path. My skills and bike were not up to the task… yet. Next I decided to try and find something a little more manageable.

I rode down some gravel roads I found and came to a flat section of the park on the north side of the bridge. This is where I found what I had been looking for. I stumbled upon a trail called Blind Corner. Even though it was a blue run I found it way more manageable. I powered through it and had a blast, and decided to go back the same way I came.

About half way through the trail there is a hill with roots that make a stair, right before a bunch of logs laid across the path. I picked the wrong line and put the brakes on when I should have pushed, and ended up almost going over the handles. Instead I twisted and managed to land on my back. So yeah, first crash is out of the way now.

After that it was getting late and I was getting tired. So I started heading home. On my way back in South Glenmore Park I noticed some guys riding just off the trail. I thought I would head over and check it out.

What I found was a tonne of fun. It was some really nice flowy singletrack. Very narrow with lots of foliage but good pace to the descents and climbs. I had gotten a little too confident though and crested a large hill. I got going too fast and tried to brake, but instead rode up on the lip of the trail and flipped myself over the bars!

Thankfully I landed in a bunch of overgrowth and didn’t go rolling down the giant hill. I managed to get away with only a few scrapes and the bike seems fine. So yeah, two crashes in one day, and some very important lessons learned. After the crash the trail leveled out and was super fun again.

Check out my Strava page for details on the ride!

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