New Filzer Mini 10 Multitool Is Cool

Filzer Mini 10 multitool MECNew kit is always cool!

I picked up this Filzer Mini 10 multitool today from MEC. It had great reviews and I really liked the simplicity and size of it.

It has Allen keys from #2-6 with an adapter that fits on the #6 to make it an #8. It also has a Phillips and flat head screwdrivers as well as a #25 Torx wrench.  The tension on the arms can also be adjusted using Allen bolts on the axle, so that’s a nice feature.

It got mostly 4 & 5 star reviews and the warranty and returns at MEC can’t be beat. As long as I don’t lose it this should last me a very long time. Overall I am impressed with it and look forward to using it lots.

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