Nose Hill Trail Riding At Dusk

Today I wanted to explore Nose Hill, as the maps on Trailforks looked like there was a lot of good beginner trails to check out. I arrived at 8:20 at the Shaganappi and Edgemont parking lot and got my bike off of the rack. After getting all my gear on I looked around for a map and couldn’t find one. Not to be stopped I opened up Trailforks for guidance.

Apparently I am terrible at reading maps because I couldn’t figure out which trail to start out on. I wanted to take a green run, but didn’t know which one that was. Looking at the map when I am at home I guess I started out on Macewan Hollow. It was alright, mostly because it was downhill. But once I got to the bottom of the hill I realized I had a huge ass climb back to the top. I had to hike a bike about halfway up. Oh well, I just need more stamina and practice.

I continued on a trail called Eastbound and Down until I got to the Berkley Gate parking lot. There I started to head South and East. Eventually I managed to get a fantastic view of downtown Calgary along a ridge I had crested (after more hike a bike).

I wanted to start making my way back to the parking lot and ran in to a nice couple who had been walking the park for many years. They gave me some great directions on where I was and how to get back, so thanks!

I had two options, left in to a wooded area, or right to more hills and grassland. You bet your ass I chose the woods. I am quickly figuring out that I love to bomb in the trees on more flowy but some-what technical singletrack. Not big ass descents and climbs.

Man that was a good decision. The trails were somewhat tight but they were mostly hard pack and super fun. I was ripping along and almost ran in to a porcupine! I was going too fast and he ran off too quick for me to get a picture. Oh well. I was pretty stoked to finally be riding some fun trails!

It was getting late¬†though and I needed to start heading back. I started making my way West along a ridge. That was some good riding, flowy and fast. But it was going downhill, which means there is going to be an up. There was… and it was huge. I did spot some deer at the bottom of the hill chillin’ which was cool.

So after I hike a biked half this giant ass hill, I had mostly flat or down hill singletrack to get back to the car. By this time the sun had set below the horizon and it was time to go home. Overall it was a good ride. Next time I am going to stick to the South East corner and just rip through the woods. Hopefully I get out riding again soon.

As always you can check out my ride on Strava.

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