Wire Trap In West Bragg Was Never There

Wire West Bragg Creek UpdatedThe news of a barbed wire booby trap on the popular Merlin View trail in Bragg Creek was met with shock and disgust when it was initially published.

The story the injured rider told was also met with a lot of skepticism. There were too many holes, strange coincidences and no proof to back up the statements.

After an RCMP investigation, the events that were claimed to have happened never actually occurred. Insp. Lauren Weare said the rider had genuinely been injured, just not mountain biking in West Bragg Creek.

“He did come in contact with wire, but he was riding an ATV at a different location at a different time”, she said.

On Friday July 21st the Cochrane RCMP charged Stelianos Psaroudakis, 37, with fraud under $5,000 and public mischief. They asked that he turn himself in, which he did later that same day.

I am very thankful that no one else was injured, and that there was not someone out there purposefully trying to hurt people. It is very unfortunate that Stelianos decided to try and profit from his own mistake. I am glad that the mountain biking community saw through his story and did not support his GoFundMe campaign.

Now we can all breathe a little easier, and charge a little harder down our favorite trails.

You can read more in the CBC News article here, and check out my other post for my initial reactions.

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