Maybe Next Time I Should Take My Own Advice…

Nose Hill City ViewSaturday I decided I wanted to head out for a ride. My wife had been busy all morning so as soon as she got home I threw the bike on the back of the car and took off.

I was really excited to get to Nose Hill. I was going to explore the interior of the park that I had only quickly ridden my last visit.

When I got there I quickly got my bike of the rack and headed out. It was a hot day, but I was feeling good, and the breeze was keeping me cool. I had a large hill to climb up before I got to an intersection that would lead me to the trails.

Nose Hill City ViewI am definitely improving my climbing. I quickly blasted up and found the first trail sign that would lead me on my way.

After the climb I took a quick breather and picked my first line. It was a quick little down hill to a flat section. After riding some gravel trails I came across a small pond. It was cool to find that in the middle of the park. I decided I needed  to get back in the woods though so I didn’t stay long to look.

There is something I really enjoy about riding hard down a narrow trail with trees on either side. It is incredibly fun to pick your way through the bushes as quickly as you can. Most of the trails I rode on today were like that. They were gravel and hard pack dirt, perfect for my bike.

Nose Hill City ViewAfter a while I noticed that my back tire was feeling a little low. I stopped for a second and checked it. Flat. My first flat. Ugh. I don’t have a mini pump, or a spare tube yet. I was done for the day.

I pulled out my phone and took a few pictures, then pulled up a map to figure out how to get back to the parking lot.

Thankfully I wasn’t too far out. Also the walk back didn’t have any huge up or down hills to deal with. I got back in a decent time, and got a few good pictures along the way too.

Nose Hill City ViewMaybe I should have taken my own advice from a previous post. It didn’t even cross my mind to do a basic bike check. Maybe I was too excited to get out of the house. Next ride I will definitely be going over the bike before I go. Or maybe I got a pinch flat while I was riding. Who knows.

Overall it was a so-so day. It was good to get out for a bit and ride, but also super annoying to get my first flat. I am sure that it will not be my last. Well maybe until I get my new bike next season, and start running tubeless. Now to fix my flat and get back out there!

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