Riding Beautiful Singletrack In Bowmont Park

Singletrack trails in Bowmont ParkTime to explore new trails! I decided to come to Bowmont Park to check out the singletrack trails that run along the ridge, overlooking the Bow River.

It was a warm day, and I was feeling a little tired from a poor sleep. I still wanted to get out for a ride, and the views in Bowmont Park made it totally worth it.

Although Trailforks has most of these trails as green for difficulty, they are still a little intimidating. Most of them are a little off camber, and drop off to steep hills falling towards the river. They are relatively clear of roots and rocks, which I guess makes them easier.

IMG_6977Starting at the 51st Avenue parking lot I got a little turned around and headed in to a dog walking loop. Once I figured out how to get out of that I was on my way. There were only a few short climbs to get to the start of the descent which was nice. Once I got to the top it was time to head down.

The trails were very narrow, which is something I am still struggling with. I find I need a little larger margin for error and these trails didn’t really give you one. I managed just fine today and was cruising along at a good pace.

I ran in to only a few people today. The trails were pretty quiet which was nice. It gave me lots of time to stop and check out some of the spectacular views in the valley. That is one thing this sport is not short on. We definitely get to see some fantastic scenery.

IMG_6978Eventually I ended up at the end of the trail by the Home Road parking lot. I had to take a paved path for some of the ride because I got a little turned around. After climbing a hill I was back at the start of a trail called Sideshow Bob. The entrance was a very steep hill, which I walked down a bit. I am not feeling comfortable with my tires grip at the moment.

After getting on to the trail I started going at a pretty good pace. The trail was pretty fun, with some small wooden block bridges that I mostly cleared, and a nice section going through some woods. It was a lot of climbing to get back to the ridge though.


Once I got back up there I started going back on the trails I had come in on. I found them very fun, with lots of good speed, flow and turns. Before I knew it I was back at the car heading home.

Overall it was a pretty good ride. I don’t know if this will be my first choice to ride but it is great that I know where it is now. If I can get my skills up and be more confident with narrow trails I feel this could be a great place to ride.

Riding Beautiful Singletrack In Bowmont Park Mountain Bike Trail

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  1. Looks like an awesome trail for a ride. I remember I used to ride bikes in a trail like this in our place back when I was a kid. Air breeze is the best.

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