A Quick Blast In The Park

North Glenmore Park WeaselheadI had been having a super rough day. The kind of day where everything frustrates the hell out of you. It was warm and smoky from all the forest fires in B.C. I was tired and the kids were being awful today. I needed a break.

Luckily my wife understood, especially after I sent her a text saying that I would quit my job of stay at home dad. She suggested I go take a quick ride before dinner to get some frustration out.

I jumped at the chance and was on my bike within two minutes of us getting home from picking her up. I cruised down to North Glenmore Park to explore some more trails. Last time I was there I didn’t go down this gnarly huge hill. Today I decided to walk my bike down and check it out.

North Glenmore Park WeaselheadAt the bottom by the river I headed back the way I came. After trying to find a path that would work (there were four different directions), I found some nice trail. I got stuck in one section but decided to clean it. I walked back down and charged up the hill. I made it on the second try!

Soon I came back to the paved path that led to the Weaselhead section of the park. I rode on the paved path then ducked in on a gravel trail. After a bunch of turns, and after the path had changed from gravel to dirt I was deep in the Weaselhead.

The trail was relatively flat and easy to ride. I kept going until I hit a massive tree fallen across the path. I tossed the bike over and kept going. Eventually I ran in to the Elbow river, as well as some nude sun bathers! I left them alone and turned back toward the paved path.

North Glenmore Park Weaselhead

At the cross roads I scooted to the other side, and found myself on some horse trails. These trails were a lot of fun. I even found a hollow that reminded me of a scene from The Lord Of The Rings.

I stopped and took a quick look at the time. It was almost dinner. I made my way back to the pavement and started heading home. There is a super big hill that you have to ascend to get to the top of the ridge. A few weeks ago I would have been gassed at the top. Now I powered up it and only needed a second to take a sip of water. I am definitely improving my strength and stamina.

I made it home just as dinner was getting plated. I felt tired but refreshed, and the exercise helped me clear my head. I love that I have an area like this so close by. It makes it easy for me to enjoy my bike without having to travel.

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