The Post Crash First Ride Out

Post Crash First Ride Out

Post crash first ride out fish creek park mountain bikeAfter nursing my rib injury for just over a week I felt it was time to get back on my bike. It didn’t hurt too much to breathe, and jumping around wasn’t too bad so I figured a ride at my local trails would be good to knock the cob webs off.

It had rained a bit the night before, but it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. I did my pre-ride check and put the bike on the car. I was off to my first post injury ride and was a little nervous.

I decided to start my ride on my usual warm up trail. It is a trail called Washout, and is a really fun ride. It follows the Fish Creek banks. There are lots of turns and not a lot of climbing involved. Because of the time of day (I went just before dinner time) the trails were empty. After quickly ripping through the section of singletrack I turned around and went back the other way.

Post crash first ride out fish creek park mountain bikeSo far so good! There were only a few puddles, which were no big deal to roll through. Otherwise the trails were dry and clear. My ribs were feeling good and it felt great to be back on the trails.

There is something very calming about riding my bike. I am focused on the task at hand, and everything else fades away. Being outside and riding hard can make any bad day almost disappear.

One of the best things about riding in Fish Creek is that there is always another trail close to the last one. You can make a really nice circuit of the whole park with minimal time on paved paths. I am quickly developing a favorite trail order, and today I was powering through them.

Post crash first ride out fish creek park mountain bike After another good section of trail I came up to a bridge. As I was coming up there was a gravel path off to my right. I took a quick look and noticed an animal. I quickly put on the brakes and looked, and was surprised to see a bobcat! I tried to get my phone out to snap a picture, but he caught sight of me and was gone before I could get it out. Oh well, maybe on another ride I will see him again.

After my close encounter with nature it was time to get back at it. I rode for a bit longer and came across my favorite trail here. It is a fun trail called Blind Corner. It is aptly named for a large blind corner, right in the middle section of the trail. There is also a log section with a steep uphill climb at the end of the logs. I am still working on clearing this going up, but it is easy going the other way.

After bombing through this trail one way, then back the other I decided it was time to start heading back towards the car. The more I ride the better I am getting at listening to when my body is ready for a break.

Post crash first ride out fish creek park mountain bike

I rode some of my favorite trails all the way back. I would probably consider this my home trails. I have come here the most and I am starting to feel very comfortable riding on them.

Even with this being a very familiar place, there is always some piece of scenery to discover. I don’t think I had noticed this drainage canal before, but it made for a great photo. There are places like this all through the park.

Post crash first ride out fish creek park mountain bikeI made it back to the parking lot with no issues, unlike the last time I had been here. Thank goodness I got my flat tire situation figured out. This had been another great ride. I got my bike dirty, like a real mountain bike should be! I had no crashes, and my ribs felt pretty good. I love days like this, where a good hard bit of riding leaves you feeling happy. I can’t wait to get back on the bike again.

8 thoughts on “The Post Crash First Ride Out

  1. Good that even after injury you returned to your bike. I seem and hear many ppl that after injury don’t return to there favorite sport scare of getting hurt again. Good that even so you follow your hobby.

  2. I enjoy hiking. I don’t see how mountain bikers can go up the hills that hike up. But I know they do because a lot of those trails are used by bikers. Do you get off and walk? Lol. I basically blog about the same things, just not on a bike. Lol.

    • I walk up some times. Not very often though. Modern bike technology and good skill allows mountain bikers to climb up very steep hills.

  3. I wish I could muster my 3 Wheel Bike and not get winded so I could move to a 2 wheel bike and take trips like this with my son. As it would be a wonderful new way to bond with him.

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