Taking Advantage Of The Last Few Days Of Fall

Taking Advantage Of The Last Days Of Fall

A great ride through some of my favorite trails on a beautiful fall day

After a very long (for me anyways) lay off from riding, due to a new job, I finally got my bike out for a ride. With winter just around the corner any day I can get my bike out is a pretty great day. This ride was an especially good one too.

With my new job my hours are a little different than usual. I have two weeks on the opening shift, 6:30 AM to 3 PM, then two weeks on the closing shift, 9 AM to 5:30 PM. The early shift is a pretty great shift for a lot of reasons. I don’t have to deal with traffic, I get off early, and I don’t have to close the shop down. I used the 3 o-clock shift end to my advantage and brought my bike to work for a trip out after work.

Trail Crossing Fall Ride In Fish CreekAfter a quick change I threw the bike on the car and I was on my way. Traffic was light and I was at the trail head in less than 20 minutes. I love having trails so close to me. It makes getting out so much easier. I quickly got my gear on, and pumped up my tires and was off to hit the trails.

Speaking of gear I have made the decision to not wear my hydration pack anymore. I put my water bottle cage back on my bike, and only carried my phone, the main car key, and a snack in my pockets. It was so much better riding without a back pack on. I could move much freer, and I didn’t have the weight and sweat all over my back. I need to figure out some kind of pouch that I can attach to the bike to put some emergency tools in though, and something to get the stuff out of my pockets.

I have developed a very specific route I like to start off with. It is a good warm up loop that gets me ready for the more difficult trails further on in the park. After my warm up I started moving deeper in to the park on some of my favorite trails. I am getting very comfortable on lots of these trails and I can see my skills improving each time I come out.

River Views Fall Riding In Fish CreekThe park was looking really great on a warm fall day. Even though the trees had already changed their colors it was still very beautiful scenery for this late in October. There is some really great spots in Fish Creek Park that are spectacular to look at. Today it was a quiet day with not a lot of people around. It was a calming place after my hectic day at work.

After doing some trails in the interior of the park, I decided to head to one of my favorite trails. It is a trail following a ridge that overlooks the park to the west. There are some fantastic views, and the trail is really fun too. Today the trail was really great, I was carrying speed and riding hard. At the end of the trail was a small berm that I even managed to roost (dirt that is kicked up behind a rider as they ride sideways into a corner)!

Cliff shot fall riding in fish creek

This trail ends up in a wooded area with some big technical root sections. It is a really fun bit of singletrack that leads to a hard left down a steep hill. Usually I go down the hill, but today I noticed that there is a trail that goes up and to the right at the corner. I decided to check out this trail today.

It is one of the best trails that I have found in the park so far. There was lots of technical sections where it required precision riding. It went on for a long way, and popped out above a spot where I have taken a few pictures before. In the photo below I was way above on the top of the hill. I turned around at a hill down, so that I could try it the other way. After getting back to the steep hill, I rode down back to the path and it was time to start heading home.

hill view riding in the fall fish creekAfter a very stressful day at work, it feels so good to get out in nature, and get some exercise in. I am quickly running out of days that I can ride, so any time I can get out on the bike is a great day. This ride was really a good one, possibly one of the best so far. I am so happy that I found this hobby, and can’t wait to get out on the bike again.

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