The Post Crash First Ride Out

Post Crash First Ride Out

Post crash first ride out fish creek park mountain bikeAfter nursing my rib injury for just over a week I felt it was time to get back on my bike. It didn’t hurt too much to breathe, and jumping around wasn’t too bad so I figured a ride at my local trails would be good to knock the cob webs off.

It had rained a bit the night before, but it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. I did my pre-ride check and put the bike on the car. I was off to my first post injury ride and was a little nervous.

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Trail Descents Is Growing Up!

Hey all my followers and visitors!

Trail Descents has been growing quickly, and it is all thanks to you! I have been having a blast making this website as good as it can be for you.

Since this blog has been growing so much, I have decided to move it away from and will be self hosting at a new provider. This will mean a change in my web address.

This website will be moving to later this evening. If you have bookmarked this site at the old WordPress site please update all your bookmarks. The move will be seamless and there should be no interruptions in service. All previous posts will still be forwarded to the new web address. You will still be getting regular email updates every time I publish new content.

Thanks again for all your tremendous support! I look forward to continuing to publish new content for your viewing pleasure!