The Butcher Paper: Low Tide

The Butcher Paper Low Tide Mountain Biking MTB Trail Descents

Sometimes it is really hard just to get the bike out of the garage

I haven’t been on a ride in over two weeks. It feels like it has been months. I don’t know why I have not made the effort. There have been lots of things going on. There have been lots of changes. Jobs, life, the weather. But I should have made some time. Now it is getting to the point where I don’t know if I will get the chance before the snow really sets in.

Kristin Butcher’s latest piece dives in to her own version of what I am going through. Every rider goes through it at some point.

“There are times when our passion for the ride fades until its last remnants slip between our fingers, leaving behind empty hands that question whether they ever held anything in the first place.”

I need to push through it. I need to do it soon. Read Kristin’s thoughts on this very relevant topic to me here. You can also check out more of her writing by going here, here, or here.

The Butcher Paper: Creature Of Habit

The Butcher Paper Creature Of Habit Kristin Butcher Bike Magazine

The Butcher Paper Creature Of Habit Bike Magazine Kristin Butcher

Kristin Butcher Is Back With Another Stellar Piece

Most hobbies have their own rituals and mountain biking is no exception. My own ritual is to stop for a hot cup of coffee on the way home. The time it takes to finish the drink is a great time to reflect on the ride, giving me the chance to lock away the memories I just made.

“Even though the ritual of warming up has been intertwined with winding threads of uphill singletrack for more than a decade, each time still results in a moment (or several) when I genuinely wonder if my legs will ever feel like anything more than lactic acid and bags of suck.”

Head over to Bike Magazine and read the latest article. Check out more articles from Kristin here and here.

The Butcher Paper – Learning How To Adapt To The Unknown Path Ahead

The Butcher Paper Learning How To Adapt To The Unknown Path Ahead Mountain Biking Article Bike Magazine

The Butcher Paper - Resolve To Change

Kristin Butcher has published another stellar article at The latest tells a tale of overcoming obstacles through the sport of mountain biking.

“Cheers filled the quiet void when Denny nailed the downhill. When he missed the next turn and wedged himself and his bike up against a tree, the clamoring faded until it was met with the sound of a grown man giggling.”

Check out the article by clicking here and read more from Kristin here.

Close Encounters – An Article By Kristin Butcher

Kristin Butcher is very quickly becoming my favorite person writing about mountain biking. Her articles and opinion pieces are incredibly well written. I find them engaging, funny, heartfelt, articulate, and genuine.

“With shelves hemorrhaging bike parts and a circle of friends we can barely recognize without helmets, it seems like forever ago when it felt like we were the only ones dabbling in the world of dirt.”

Check out this great read over at Bike Magazine’s website. I can’t wait for the next issue to come out for more of her inspiring and fantastic pieces.

Bike Magazine’s 2017 Bible of Bike Tests

I am starting my mountain biking career on a 2014 Norco Charger 7.3 hardtail. I already have the upgrade bug. It is time to start saving for my first full squish bike. When I do start looking I will be going over the 2018 Bible of Bike tests with a fine toothed comb. Check out all the reviews, with videos for each bike.

Bike Magazines 2017 Bible of Bike Tests