Taking Advantage Of The Last Few Days Of Fall

Taking Advantage Of The Last Days Of Fall

A great ride through some of my favorite trails on a beautiful fall day

After a very long (for me anyways) lay off from riding, due to a new job, I finally got my bike out for a ride. With winter just around the corner any day I can get my bike out is a pretty great day. This ride was an especially good one too.

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The Post Crash First Ride Out

Post Crash First Ride Out

Post crash first ride out fish creek park mountain bikeAfter nursing my rib injury for just over a week I felt it was time to get back on my bike. It didn’t hurt too much to breathe, and jumping around wasn’t too bad so I figured a ride at my local trails would be good to knock the cob webs off.

It had rained a bit the night before, but it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. I did my pre-ride check and put the bike on the car. I was off to my first post injury ride and was a little nervous.

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Riding In The Rain In Fish Creek Photos

Riding In The Rain In Fish Creek Photos singletrack trail riding crashes photos

Check out these photos from my latest ride in Fish Creek Park. Although I did crash and hurt myself, the ride was still fun. Click each picture for a larger version.

Also take a look at previous galleries from other rides here, here and here.

Why Riding In The Rain May Not Be The Best Idea

Why Riding In The Rain May Not Be The Best Idea Singletrack Trails Crash Mountain Biking MTB

Riding wet single track trails in Fish Creek park

On Tuesday evening it was overcast and cold, but I was determined to get out on my bike. I had been going back and forth all day if it was a good idea or not, and just before dinner I had decided it was a good idea.

After dinner I loaded up the bike on the trunk rack and set off for Fish Creek Park. If I am going for a quick ride in the city the trails there cannot be beat!

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Fish Creek Singletrack At Dusk Is Amazing

Fish Creek SingletrackAlthough Wednesday was hot, and the smoke that had rolled in at dinner time was thick I still wanted to get out on my bike.

Since the first ride in Fish Creek had been early on in my riding season, I wanted to get back here and check out more trails. I headed over to the Votier’s Flat parking lot and started putting my gear on.

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Fish Creek Park & Crashes!

Fish Creek trail daySo today was a big ride. I decided to start my ride from Lakeview at around 2 in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day. I would ride south through Glenmore Park and the Weaselhead down to the west end of Fish Creek Park.

The ride to Fish Creek took a little longer than I thought it would, mostly because I decided to ride on a grown over vehicle trail for most of the way, slowing my speed and tiring me out a bit.

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